Welcome  to Cusco.

The legendary capital of the incas itself constitutes one great outdoor museum that has experiencied many great  and transformations throuh its history. The miscegenation,the great admixture of races and cultures between Indians and Spanish  is felt and perceived in every corner, street and place of this city, where the great majority of  colonial and republican constructions rest upon inca foundations.

In cusco one lives in accordance with a markedly different  rhythm, a pace and style where inumerable as well as timeless local customs and activities both contrast as well as develop jointly with those of the many foreigners residents in the city.


Cusco weather is typical  of mountain climates. It can be quite hot during the day,with temperatures droping as the sun goes dawn at night.

Where do you get information about  your city  ?

You should  get information in differents place for example:

There are many museums and galleries open in cusco  in order to visit the most important ones you should buy the boleto turistico or tourist pass, thesse passes can be bought at the excutive office of the tourist pass comitte.

Where can you buy  souvenirs ?

The handicrafts and folk art of Peru, the devoted artisans of cusco continue carving their niños manuelitos ( images of christ) as they have for hundred of years. Still in cusco keep in mind to visit the neighborhood of San Blas, where oustanding artisans maintain traditional shops.

Other places is in center handicrafts is in Chincheros, Pisac place and handicraft center Sol Av.

Are there any inxpensive hotels?

Yes, there are a few lodgins, hotels, inns, lodgins-hotels: Los portales,calle nueva alta 459 Hostal Qorichaska Cusco and Hotel Cusco Hotel Buhos Inn

What historical sights should you see ?

Cusco has two Important museums its Inca museum and Santa Catalina monasterio.Others places is Historic squares: Central Plaza in the city of Cusco: the plaza de Armas, San Blas Barrio.
Archeological sites : Sacsayhuaman Archeological  Complex Tambomachay Archeological Complex, Raqchi or Wiracocha archeological Complex,Tipon Archeological Complex.
Churches: Cusco city Cathedral, Company of Jesus church, San Blas Church, La Merced Church and Convent, Santa Catalina Church and convent/Koricancha.

What good place to hear local music?

Cusco is undoubtedly one of the most extroverted cities in Peru. One that doesnt rest neither during the day, nor certainty by any means during the night from the moment that the sun begins to set, the sounds of music stemming  from pubs, bars and discos herald the birth of a cusqueñan nigth. If you are presently  in cusco, you will surely have listened by now to the well known sounds of the quena flutes and zampoña pan-pipes.

They strike the opening chords in the diverse centers of nocturnal entertainment. From there the party  carries on,unhindered,unfettered,quite happy-go.lucky and footloose-and-fancy free, to the liberating beat and  rrhythms of  rock,reggae,hip-hop,salsa and many other musical fusions that tourist share whith the DJs  in setting the most favorable atmosphere for spending an unforgettable  night.
Many places in cusco enjoy an exceptionally international  atmosphere that even tens to invite and encourage visitors to extend their stay for some days more.

Whats a cheap place to shop for clothes ?

It is in handicrafts center cusco finish Sol Av. Between tren station and paccha. The prices vary according to the quality of the garment.

What fun things can you do for free ?

For example fun and adventure in cusco yet another adventurous  alternative for appreciating the beaty of the mountains is by rafting the urubamba  river.Others adventure park we provide  adrenalina.

Where do people often  meet ?

In the square main because cusco is undoubtedly one of the most extroverted cities in Peru.

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