WebGuyFixingCars S02x02: Reading the Manual

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WebGuyFixingCars S02x02: Reading the ManualThe Mystery of the Missing Coolant. Our confused hero is reading the manual of his Audi TT regarding the coolant and is about to lose his temper. Where did the coolant go? Disclaimer: PG 35, if you have lived a sheltered life and cannot handle real world conditions. It’s a comedy, a farce, a real world documentary drama, as well as an educational tool for how to fix cars while debunking the do-it-yourself spirit. Enjoy! And please subscribe – your way of saying you want more. Follow on Twitter: @WebGuyOnCars Like on Facebook.com/Webguyfixingcars WebGuy Fixing Cars TM Created, produced, hosted, filmed, edited, and written by Johan Cronholm. (C) Copyright & Published on/near/about 2013.01.15. All Rights Reserved. Johan Cronholm.