TLP’s Best «Poltergeist» Evidence? Or Not? What The Fuck Is This?

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Tony and Martin here to show you guys a video which I just now showed Martin as well, which I found randomly recorded on my iPod Touch 5 yesterday while getting ready to record my Suicide Mouse video. The video’s origins are from around the very same day I got the iPod, for Christmas 2012. I’ve never paid attention to this as I’ve apparently passed by it many times while browsing my photos, as I have many videos and pictures as you might imagine. The video is 1:17 long, and starts off with the camera recording my computer desk it was laying on, while the flashlight was also on. Suddenly, the iPod jumps up to view my comp area, and it looks like someone’s using the light to look for something on the desk, for it’s night-time and everyone’s sleeping. You hear something move, though nothing is moved or taken. Then, the iPod lays flat back down, and the video ends. The reasons I’m posting this, is for these reasons: I KNOW I was asleep the time this video was taken, as I had work the following morning. If it WAS me, why do I not remember? (I’d remember this easily.) No one knows how to use an iPod, except my brother Hayden. No one else knew my iPod’s passcode. As it was brand-new, no one knew how to use the flashlight and camera at the same time. Why would anyone record video while looking for something? Why would Hayden use my iPod; he doesn’t know the code and he has his own. Why would the iPod be seemingly hover strangely, before and after adjusting itself? Why did the …