The Manual Cup | Group C Match 5 - KyntexxTheOne vs PANCHOTE21GAMING | FIFA 13Match 5 of Group C: KyntexxTheOne vs PANCHOTE21GAMING I made a facebook page, because why not: Check out the channels of everyone in Group C! FluorescentFIFA: Well… you’re on the channel right now I guess Hazmundé: PANCHOTE21GAMING: KyntexxTheOne: How was my commentating? Let me know xD Rules for the Group Stages: – All matches are FULL MANUAL CONTROLS – Play everyone in the group once – 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw – Top 2 from each group go through to the quarter-finals – Group stage matches are 6 minute halves – For each match a player is randomly drawn as the home player. The home player gets first choice of team and the away player must match the star rating of the home player – In the event of a tie on points, group positions will be decided by goal difference, followed by head-to-head results, followed by goals scored. ———— All group stage matches will have their own separate video on youtube with highlights from the game, with pseudo-live commentary provided by myself. Matches will be uploaded in Group order (eg all matches from group A, then all from B then C then D). If everything works out, the knockout stages will also be livestreamed.

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