Reverse Kong Push – Parkour Tutorial ( Jesse La Flair )


    Reverse Kong Push - Parkour Tutorial ( Jesse La Flair )How to do a Reverse Kong Push Vault – best Reverse Kong tutorial for beginners and intermediate parkour athletes, traceurs, and freerunners. Please SHARE, LIKE and FAVORITE so others have the chance to see and use these videos to learn and grow (plus it also encourages me to make more). BANDANA LINK: Tempest Clothing Link: Dash Vault A simple and effective vault that can easily be used as the first vault in over coming two close obstacle fluidly. The movement in this vault is almost like doing a dash but allowing both feet to pass over and the turning and facing the object, and as you pass over it your hands will push off while you are facing backwards. REVERSE KONG VAULT INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1) Run up to the object with enough speed varying based on the size of your object. Step 2) Using a split step approach kick your front leg while pushing off of your back leg. Now remember to lean back as you jump up (your knees can not come up if your chest is forward and your feet will clip the front edge) Step 3) As you move up and over the object remember that you do not want to go up and come down on to it. At this point you want to start turing your hips down to and face the object You want to go across the top of it moving past the object but remaining close enough that you are not putting down force on your wrists when it comes time to place your hands down. Step 4) As you move past the object push with your hands into the object and away …

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