Progressive Rehabilitation Video | Professional Rehabilitation in With the mission to provide the most professional and caring physical therapy services available with excellent treatment outcomes, Jo Terry, PT, assisted by Julie Lester, ATC, founded Progressive Rehabilitation in 1992. Our physical therapists excel at treating the whole person as they work to perform a thorough evaluation and treatment of your injury. The therapist will teach you not only how to overcome your injury, but to prevent other injuries. Every treatment plan will include a home exercise program to help you continue therapy on your own. Progressive Rehab strives to return you to your normal life as soon as possible, with respect to financial limitations and personal goals. 12548268 Therapeutic exercise, Sports Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, Ultrasound, Flexibility Exercises, Functional Training, Injury Prevention, Gym Membership, Senior “Fit for Life” Program, Home Exercise Programs Kentucky, WXIX

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