Creepy Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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Creepy Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial[[OPEN FOR STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS AND THE MAKEUP I USED]] HELLO again love bugs! I wanted to come up with something that wasn’t overly scary, but more on the creepy side 😀 muahaha, so I came up with this creepy doll makeup look. It could also be used as a vantriloquist doll as well 🙂 The costume can easily be put together, anything with lace, bows and pearls works perfect. A cute little skirt, leggings, and there ya go. Very simple and easy. Step by Step Directions– I applied a matte foundation first. The eyebrows need to be very defined. And to the lighten and highlight the forehead, cheekbones, and chin area I used NYX’s white jumbo pencil in the color milk. I followed the features of my face. And blended it with my finger. Again using a black gel liner I accentuated ‘doll features’ on my face. Then it is all about shading. The more you work the shading on your face, the more realistic you look will appear. So aside from grey shadows, I incorporated warm peach tones as well. Make sure when you lines your eyes you bring the line about a quarter inch below your bottom lash line. This will make your eyes appear much bigger, and more doll like. Then line your lash line with the white pencil. When applying your lashes, make sure the adhesive sticks CORRECTLY, haha it urks me I didn’t catch one of my lashes falling…o well *shrugs* And again make sure the lash is placed on your new drawn lash line. I applied a shimmer white highlight to my eyebrow, and kept my eyes …