– Complete User’s Manual to Launching a WSO Business 100% From Scratch 100% Guaranteed !!! You – yes, YOU – can Dominate the Warrior Forum Fast Using My Tried-and-True Ideas, Secrets, and Insider Tactics: Are you frustrated because you are an advanced marketer, but you just aren’t getting the traction you believe you deserve on the Warrior Forum? Or maybe you are already doing big launches, but you still aren’t making the back-end sales you need to? Maybe you have dominated the Warrior Forum in your niche already, you get most of the traffic in your niche, and you make lots of first-level sales – but you aren’t making the money you want because you aren’t backend-monetizing them like you should? Or maybe you need some training on some very specific elements in your business – things like email monetization, upsell techniques, and long-term continuity tactics, but almost all the training you find is just basic information, made for beginners? Here’s what you are going to learn: 1) My proprietary method of coming up with «your angle» (If you don’t have an «angle, you can’t stand out among the other 200 or so new WSOs each day) 2) My easy to do, but no-one-but-my-clients and people they have taught – method for coming up with new ideas day in and day out for what your next WSO will be about. I can guarantee that if you use this system, you will NEVER be out of ideas for your next WSO 3) How to start your WSO business by building an initial starter list of …

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