2009 Toyota Corolla XRS Manual Review, Walkaround, Exhaust, Test DriveOur corolla of preference is still the 05-06 XRS model, however, we feel that the current Corolla could still benefit from an XRS model, lets hope that Toyota brings us a real sport compact version of this vehicle for the next generation.

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  1. Wait a minute. Re tuned steering, 17inch wheels, JBL sound, leather, sunroof, 5 speed manual,larger engine. This Corolla inst too bad, heck id drive it, wouldnt buy it though. I like the way it looks. Sounds horrible though, i guess thats what the JBL sound is for. Still ive heard the 1st gen is better. 2theredline. This XRS or the Focus SES????

  2. I have an 09 and the interior is horrible. Cheap plastic is fading already and creaks and rattles all over the place…

  3. granted its nicer then the normal crapolla. i do like the styling but its DATED as hell. we have one as a rental right now. i can see why its so well selling. reliable as hell simple ogood mileage and nothing flashy to look at. VERY conservative car.

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