❄Winter makeup tutorial ❄Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy My name is Mariana but you can call me Mia, I’m fifteen and portuguese, sorry about the weird accent I’m working on it and I’m also going to try to be more at ease with the camera. So this is my makeup for the winter, I only used drugstore makeup wich is really cheap and actually good. I mainly use essence makeup because it’s cheap and also because it’s sold at alocal store near my school and I often go there and purchase a few things, the store only sells essence make up, THIS VIDEO ISN’T SPONSORED IN ANYWAY. The garnier products I own are from a supermarket. Currently, I don’t own any products from such stores as Mac, Douglas, Sephora,… Because I don’t get any allowance and those products are really expensive. I hope you guys liked it and please subscribe to my channel!

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